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Project 07: Web ADN Global Design (2016)

Motion Design Creative Direction & Production
Client & Request

Web ADN is a web creative agency set in Lyon. It specializes in creating customised websites. Few times ago, it reviewed all its communication. A new logotype and a new graphic universe. After achieving these tasks, the agency needed to communicate its uniqueness on the market with a motion design posting it on the social networks.

Approach & Production

A motion design was the best solution to communicate. I created then a unique universe for the agency keeping in mind that their concept was based on a metaphor of the DNA. To put it in an animation, I decided to personify the entities changing them in cells and their unique DNA. I made a story-telling to show how a random meeting with the agency can change the vision of the communication. I animated the logo too, that way it could be placed on the social networks and the website.


Roughs / Story-Board / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effect