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Project 06: Bioderma Only One (2017)

Motion Design Creative Direction & Production
Client & Request

Bioderma "laboratoire dermatologique", is a french large-scale company that stands out in the world thanks to one of its flagship product borned 25 years ago, the micellar water. It's the pioneer of micellar water and stayed today the market leader. They want to communicate about the success story of their flagship Sensibio. I made this motion design when I worked for the creative agency Pagès Films.

Approach & Production

I first created a storyboard to show the client the main idea of the animation. Everything should rely on a simple sentence, "Only One" that should be repeated in a recurrent way thanks to the voice over to make a mark on everyone's minds. There was a work on a graphic universe that shoulb be light, very girly, impacting and clean as the image of the micellar water. The "Only One" became a graphic element that recalls the famous bottle of the Sensibio.


Roughs / Story-Board / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effect / Adobe Première