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Project 08: Furygan Pilote (2017)

VFX & Video Clip Creative Direction & Production
Client & Request

Borned 40 years ago, the french brand Furygan is a specialist of motorbike equipment. It offers to its clients a large range of elegant products for women and men. It decided to communicate on one of its flagship product, the jacket "Coldmaster". We needed to create an impacting graphic universe. It's a video clip about a presentation of product.

Approach & Production

In response to this won open invitation to tender, a unique graphic universe was made. The approach was to tend to a motorbike world because we had to keep in mind that it coulb be not only one video clip but a serie of video clips. We thought about images linked to the power, the speed and the roughness. So I created elegant speedometers to do it the simplest way possible to recall the quality of the jackets. Typography was thought to fit to the motorbike world. The video clip scenes were shot by Pagès Films and I make this work when I worked in their creative agency. I also worked on the VFX and the editing of the video clip.


Roughs / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe After Effect / Adobe Première