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Project 02: Atlentis Global Branding (2017)

Motion Design Creative Direction & Production
Client & Request

The Bron aquatic center inaugurated in the city of Lyon in 1973 was renovated in 2007. Three new different areas were created (Aquatic, Sports, and Spa). I was asked to help the center to stand out and also to improve its brand image. I had two constraints : make feel the aquatic center accessible to everybody, and remind the aquatic center history. I had to rework all the brand from scratch (global reworking and design).

Approach & Production

Formerly called André Soucis, I had to find a new name for the aquatic center because of the old-fashioned image that the center gave to everyone and to resist competition. The concept is simple: create a ligature between the A and S (from the older name). That way we had the logotype. The first glyph (A) represents the physical door of the aquatic center and refers to a triangle which has 3 sides like the 3 areas. The spine of the S glyph has been used to finalize the logotype and it refers to a way or a cascade. Modifying the spine for each area allowed me to create a modular logotype. All the concept is about the spine. You can now watch the animated logotype.


Roughs /Adobe Indesign / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe AfterEffects